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Smoked Kielbasa, uncured
Beef and pork country sausage, uncured, no preservatives, ready to brown in a pan and serve.
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Our own 100% grassfed beef (80%) and whey-fed pork (20%), seasoned, stuffed, smoked and vacuum sealed, 1 or 2 links/package, depending upon weight.

Brown in a skillet over low heat, turning frequently, being careful to to puncture the natural casing, which holds in the juices. Set them aside, then brown some onion in the pan juices, and serve with bread, beer and mustard optional.

Shipped frozen, either refreeze for future use, or refrigerate and use within one week. Enjoy!

Ingredients: 100% grassfed beef, whey-fed pork fat, fresh garlic, whey (inoculant),organic sugar, Redmond salt, pepper, thyme, marjoram, Spanish paprika, celery seed. No preservatives!
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