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Bobolink-Foret, ale-washed cheese (available a la carte!)

Out of Season!

Look for Bobolink-Foret cheese in the early summer!

As this cheese ages, we wash it repeatedly with Foret*, an organic farmhouse ale from Belgium. The alcohol and hops from the ale suppress the growth of molds on the rind, and then the terroir yeasts from the ale colonize the cheese, giving it a sweet, fruity note, with perhaps just a hint of hops. This cheese is wonderfully full-flavored, hinting at a good gruyere.

The texture is smooth and yielding, lending itself to enjoyment on its own or in your favorite recipe. Try it with some crusty bread, apples or pears and a glass of Foret Ale, of course. This cheese goes equally well with good wines or ciders.

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