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Jonathan's Veal Sausage, with fresh spring garlic and dried wild mushrooms
Jonathan's Veal Sausage. made with our own suckled veal, our whey-fed pork fatback, fresh spring garlic and dried wild mushrooms. Approximate 0.75 lbs package. Sold frozen in vacuum seal.
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Detailed Description

This is my local version of the classic Piemontese veal sausage. Our veal has such a rich, delicate flavor, and I am trying here to augment it without overpowering it.

Made from our own suckled veal and whey-fed pork fatback (about 20%), I've seasoned it with fresh local spring garlic, dry porcini and honey mushrooms, which adds a bit of sweetness to the sweet flavor of the veal itself.

We have packed it in 12 oz vacuum sealed bags, deep frozen. To cook, simply thaw it in the package and cook gently in a medium-hot pan. Serve it with fresh pasta for dinner, or have a Bobolink sandwich, on a toasted Roasted Garlic and Duckfat Ciabatta!

This is a very limited item, so get it whilst you can!
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