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old suckled veaL products--not in use!

We offer suckled veal from time to time, according to the calving schedule. Our veal calves are raised by their mothers, and grow fat on their mother's milk, grass and salt, and never anything else. They are humanely slaughtered by a local USDA-inspected abattoir.

Our suckled veal is not anemic-white like commercial confinement-raised veal: it has a healthy rosy color, some marbled buttery fat, and is rich, delicate and delicious.

Our current veal offerings are listed below. If your favorite cuts are not listed, it means they have sold out. Please consider joining our mailing list to be kept informed about future availability.

The meat is shipped or brought to market frozen.

The price posted is based on a range of weights. By ordering, you are giving us permission to charge you a bit more if your cut is bigger, and we'll refund you if your cut is smaller.

If you plan to pick up at one of our markets, please bring a cooler if you do not plan to go straight home!

We will be shipping meat orders on Tuesdays only.
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