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Na'bodach, The Band, Sunday, May 26, 1-4 pm (Memorial Day Weekend)
Na'bodach plays Celtic music for the modern masses. To hear some clips and learn more, please check out their band page at, and also
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From the Band: "Na’Bodach (broad Scots for "not old men) have been playing Celtic music for 20 years. The band has been through personnel changes over the years and we are presently in our finest formation. Based in the Bucks, Hunterdon area our approach to the music has remained the same. We “nabodicize” traditional tunes and songs by incorporating modern rhythms, styles, and instrumentation. Our goal is to keep the ancient music fresh and accessible to modern audiences." Reservations are not essential, but it helps us with planning! You can reserve your Bobolink raised goodies in April...we will let you know when the menu is posted! Sorry but no dogs, please.
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