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Jean-Louis: our biggest wheel

Jean-Louis cheese is back in season!

Named in memory of chef Jean-Louis Palladin, a great man who made a profound imprint on cooking in the US before his untimely death took him from us.

This is a great big wheel, as befits such a great man. Because of its size, the body heat of the cows stays in the cheese for several days after it is made, giving the cheese its characteristic bright, sunny lemony flavor, with bold grassy, winey, and fruity notes.
We make Jean-Louis in the spring and again in the fall, when the grass, cows and milk are just right for this remarkable cheese. Like so many good things, it is seasonal, and frequently out of stock, so please enjoy it while you can! We will release this spring's Jean-Louis cheese in late July or early August, so join our e-list or check back!

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Jean-Louis 1/2 lb. cut
Price: $12.00
Jean-Louis 1/2 lb. cut
Our tribute to the great chef, Jean-Louis Palladin. Excellent with fruits, pairs well with a variety of wines and ales. We are into the younger cheeses from 2020, a bit young but so rich in flavor already!
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