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Handmade matzoh, baked in our wood-fired oven
Small round unleavened breads, made from ancient Emmer wheat. Each order has 4 matzot.
Price: $6.00
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Detailed Description

Bobolink matzoh is made from locally grown Emmer Wheat (also known as Farro), with just spring water and some salt added. The dough is hand shaped and docked, and baked in the wood-fired hearth oven. The whole process, from mixing to the cooling rack, takes about eighteen minutes.

These rustic, round matzoh, made from whole grain, are flavorful and look as if they just might have been baked on a rock in the Sinai sun.  Sold in boxed sets of four. Made with absolutely no rabbinical supervision.

Please note: The matzoh must be packed and padded carefully, and the shipping cost is high due to the volume of the package, not the weight. We will pack your order as efficiently as possible, while protecting its contents. If the actual shipping cost is less than was charged, we will refund the difference.
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