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Cow & Calf Hides

We now have cow hides available for sale.
The hides are all from our own animals, and have been tanned with a chemical-free process. Some have long hair, some short.
They vary in size and color, and range in price from $350-$800.
Below are some photos of a calf hide, approx 40" wide by 50" high, priced at $350. Excellent for a cozy chair throw or as a back warming pad (Russian cure for a sore back).
Please email to inquire.
For a close-up of the fur, please click below on the words "click to buy".
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Close up of long, soft, fur.
Cow and Calf hides.
Price: please email
Cow and Calf hides.
From our own humanely raised animals, processed without chemicals.
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