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Connoisseur Gift Basket
A lovely gift basket with 2.5 lbs of Bobolink's seasonal cheeses, and two of our Artisan Loaves. Presented in a lovely wicker basket lined with a colorful tea towel!
Price: $89.50

Detailed Description

Your family and friends will be delighted to receive this delicious and attractive gift basket. Bobolink will select four of our season's finest 100% grass-fed raw cow's milk cheeses, perfect for serving with our wood-fired artisan loaves. Your giftees will be able to enjoy their bread basket and tea towel long after their cheese and bread are gone! You can supplement the basket a la carte with other items such as our cured Hudson Valley Duck products, cheese knife, or logo t-shirt, tote bag, or baseball cap! (Note: If your folks have a nut allergy, please let us know and we will avoid sending a cranberry walnut loaf. Please make a note of this during the checkout comments.)
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