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Hands-on Cheesemaking Classes - click for details

Spend the morning at Bobolink Dairy, making cheese side-by-side with Jonathan White, our master cheesemaker.

This is not a demonstration! You'll be putting on boots, apron, and cap and making the cheese that the day's milk is best suited for. And, in two or three months, when the cheese is ripe, you can come pick it up, or we'll ship it to you.

In this class, you will learn to make cheese in small batches, using the methods that make our cheeses so special. Jonathan will share his knowledge of the complex elements that affect the milk each day, and lead students through the processes of observation, decision making, and fabrication.

Due to the size of our creamery, the class size is limited to 4. This creates a great opportunity for the participants to get a deep understanding of Jonathan's philosophies, with adequate time for Q&A. Each day's milk varies, and we cannot predict which particular cheese will be made on any given class day. What we can say with certainty is that you will understand milk very well by the time you go home!

Lunch will be served, the famous Bobolink brick oven pizza! Toppings will include Bobolink cheeses, of course, and anything local and wonderful that we can find, given the season.

The cheese that you make will be aged in our ripening room for a minimum of 60 days (the legal requirement for raw milk cheeses in the US), or longer, depending on the style. You can then pick it up or have it shipped, to share or keep to yourself!
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