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Charcuterie Class Sunday June 16, 2019 (Father's Day), 1-5
Learn how to turn bits and pieces of lovely creatures into lovely pate and sausage!
Price: $75.00
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Detailed Description

A meat grinder is a marvelous thing: it can turn bits and pieces of creatures into lovely pates, a figurative silk purse from a (nearly literal)sow's ear!

In this class, we will be making a pate de campagne, which is simple to make and can be elevate a crusty piece of bread and a glass of ale to a sumptuous meal. We will also make sausage, which can be frozen or cooked right away!

At the end of the class, each participant will take home a nice portion of the pate, a loaf of Bobolink bread.

So, book your class, and invite a few friends over for dinner at your place after the class--the first course is covered!

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