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Jonathan's Real Churn Buttermilk, 16 oz jug
Real Churn Buttermilk, creme fraiche minus most of the fat!
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Detailed Description

When you make real butter, by churning cultured cream, there is a bonus: REAL BUTTERMILK!

Our Real churn buttermilk is not simply cultured milk, like the stuff of commerce, which is just a drinkable kind of yoghurt.

Real Churn Buttermilk is cultured cream minus most of the fat.

Cream is an emulsion of butterfat and lecithin--the lecithin is there to prevent the butter from churning inside mama, which would be unfortunate for her, to say the least.

When we churn our cultured cream, we break the emulsion: the fat goes to the butter, and the lecithin stays in the buttermilk, along with a whole lot of flavor, whey proteins and probiotics. The lecithin is what made the old magic in buttermilk pancakes, biscuits, fried chicken batter, soda bread, and so forth.

We have packed our Real Churn Buttermilk in little pints, enough for your favorite recipe and some to drink on its own. Try it in your grandma's biscuits, and you'll rediscover the magic.

Please note that real churn buttermilk will make your biscuits and hotcakes much moister, but it does extend the cooking time a bit, so be patient and look for the browning, don't go by your watch.
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