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Forêt, for Ray
A small, semi-soft cheese, washed in Saison DuPont Belgian ale! The washing promotes a pinkish rind, and lends a gentle lift to the flavor. Each weighs approximately 0.64 lbs.
Price: $15.00
Sorry, out of stock. Will have again mid May 2021

Detailed Description

This cheese was created in tribute to our late friend, Ray Deter. Ray contributed considerably to NYC's discovery of fine beer during the 1990's. One of those beers was Saison DuPont, which is made by the same makers as ForĂȘt, which started our bread starter many years ago! For the cheese, we washed the rind of these 0.64 lb rounds periodically in Saison DuPont during the ripening process. The resulting cheese is great with a glass of Saison DuPont, but it pairs well with just about anything!
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